List for Accepted Students at Madeenah Islamic University 2017/1438

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The new list for students accepted at the Islamic University of Madeenah 2017/1438 is out! After approx 2 years of not accepting new students, finally the list has been released. For those who applied, check below to see if your name is on the list:

Congratulations to those who were accepted, in particular to my friend Abu Obaid. I know that exact amazing feeling of seeing your name on the list, your eyes lighting up, your heart thumping and the hundreds of emotions that run through your mind at the time. We ask Allaah to bless the new students, to grant us ikhlaas, grant them understanding of the religion and make them a benefit for the Ummah.

For those who were not accepted, qadrAllaah wa mashaa fa’al. Try again, constantly make dua and remember Madeenah isn’t the only place you can seek knowledge. You can seek knowledge in your own country, the brothers who are the strongest students in the Uni are those who had studied before and put the effort in seeking knowledge before they arrived at the Islamic University. Knowledge can be gained anywhere, even more so with easy access to online courses and scholars, and if you don’t start or continue seeking knowledge simply because you didn’t get accepted, then you have to ask yourself if you are serious about seeking knowledge. If you can’t seek knowledge there, what makes you think you can seek knowledge here? I know many brothers who applied at the same time as me and many more who applied across the several years it took me to get accepted – they depended on their acceptance into Madeenah University so much that they remained stagnant in terms of seeking knowledge locally and now they regret it and they missed out many years of memorising Quran or learning Arabic.

‎ رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم قال‏:‏ ‏ “‏ومن سلك طريقًا يلتمس فيه علما سهل الله له به طريقًا إلى الجنة‏”‏ ‏(‏‏(‏رواه مسلم‏)‏‏)‏‏.‏

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “Allaah makes the way to Jannah easy for him who treads the path in search of knowledge.”

This path in search of knowledge can be anywhere, be it Madeenah, Egypt, Mauritania, UK or even USA. Seeking knowledge is an ibadah, perform it regardless of where you are.

On another note, it is final exams period for the current students. Please make dua for them, that Allaah makes their exams easy, grants them beneficial knowledge and makes their knowledge a witness for them and not against them.

This is why I love the Prophet’s ﷺ Masjid in Madeenah <3

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I experienced something that I don’t think is possible in any other masjid other than the masjid of the Messenger of Allaah ﷺ (and Masjid al-Haram, Makkah)

I was meeting a friend in Masjid al-Nabawi to give him a pair of headphones. The plan was to meet him straight after Maghrib, but my lesson is on one side of the masjid and I was to meet him on the other. For those who have been, they know the masjid from East to West is huge. So I met the brother, gave him his headphones and started making my way to my lesson on the other side of the masjid.

As I walked, I heard a familiar voice, I heard Shaykh Abdul Muhsin al-Abbad explaining a hadeeth from Saheeh Muslim, I listened for a bit and then walked on. As I walked, I could hear another familiar voice, it was Shaykh Abdullah al-Shanqitee explaining an ayah from surah Tawbah. I listened to a bit and moved on towards the centre of the masjid under the courtyard. I then heard another scholar explaining Kitab al Tawheed. Once again I listened for a bit and moved on until I reached the opposite far side of the masjid, the children’s section where hundreds of children were reciting the book of Allaah.

Throughout my ‘journey’ I couldn’t help but smile. In the space of a few minutes in the masjid all I could hear was scholars saying “Allaah said..” and “His Messenger said..” and children reciting the book of Allaah. Scholars encouraging people to worship Allaah and explaining the Quran and the Sunnah and teachers passing on the recitation of the Quran to the next generation.

I can only imagine how amazing this very masjid must have been when the teacher was none other than the Messenger of Allaah ﷺ himself and the students were none other than the sahabah (may Allaah be pleased with them all)

(Side note: the pics I took last week, one day 20 mins before Maghrib and the next day, from the very same spot a few mins before Maghrib. Masjid al-Nabawi is not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside too #nofilter )

Dreams do come true..

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Dreams do come true. I found this blog entry of mine from 7 years ago, in 2009 where I had a dream I got accepted into The Islamic University of Madeenah.

While I was visiting London this summer, I was checking email accounts I hadn’t checked in over a year and stumbled across this private blog of mine which I forgot had existed. Walking down memory lane I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon this gem. The ajeeb thing is in 2009 I hadn’t even applied to Madeenah University, the first time I applied was in mid 2010, how amazing is the Qadr of Allaah.

7 years later, as I start my first day in the faculty of Shari’ah today at the Islamic University of Madeenah, I was reminded of the great bounty and favour Allaah has granted me, Alhamdulilah.

It took 5 years, a lot of sabr and dua’s for the dream to come true but Allaah is the One who is able to make the impossible possible. Knowing how difficult it is to be accepted and how many thousands apply per year for only twenty odd scholarships, I knew how unlikely it was but Allaah is the one who answers the dua of His slave when he calls upon Him.

Sometimes we may make dua for a thing and find no answer and lose patience but know that your dua will answered not when you think is the best time, but your dua will be answered when Allaah knows is the best time. As the Prophet ﷺ said in a hadeeth mentioned in the Saheeh of Imam Muslim: “(The du’aa’) of any one of you will be answered so long as he is not hasty in seeking a response and does not say, ‘I prayed but I have not had a response.’”

The Prophet ﷺ said: “There is no Muslim who calls upon Allaah with words in which there is no sin or severing of family ties but Allaah will give him one of three things: either He will answer his prayer soon, or He will store it up for him in the Hereafter, or He will remove something bad from him that is equivalent to what he is asking for.” They said, “Then we should make a great amount of du’aa’.” He said, “Allaah is greater.”

So remember that even if your dua does not get answered straight away, or even 2 years or 5 years later, as long as the dua is sincere and you persevere with it, then Allaah will either store it for you in the hereafter or He will remove something harmful which could in reality be better than the dua itself.

Imam Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah (rh) said: “And of the diseases that afflict du’a and prevent its response is that a person is hasty in expecting a response, and the response is delayed, so he gives up hope, and leaves du’a. His example is like that of a person who planted a seed, or a seedling, then guarded it, and took care of it, and watered it, but when it delayed in (giving its fruit) and reaching perfection, he left it and did not take care for it anymore.

Never give up hope in Allaah. Have tawakul, keep asking Him by His beautiful Names and Attributes and know that Allaah can make dreams come true.

Islam 102 Dawrah Conclusion

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The #Islam 102 Dawrah came to an end and alhamdulilah it was a great success by the mercy of Allaah. Students completed their anonymous feedback forms and the response was extremely positive Allaahuma barik.

Anonymous sister 1: “I truly benefited from this dawrah alhamdulilah. JazakAllaahu khayran for making these 10 days so amazing!”

Anonymous brother 1: “Extremely beneficial. I’ve learnt a lot of knowledge which has benefitted my emaan tremendously.”

Anonymous sister 2: “Absolutely fantastic!”

Anonymous brother 2: “Wallahi it was probably the most beneficial thing I ever attended.”

Anonymous sister 3: “This dawrah has been one of the most beneficial and imaan boosting courses I have ever come across. It has been a thought provoking and amazing experience”

And the list goes on and on. It is recorded in the sunan of Abu Dawud that the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “He has not thanked Allah who has not thanked people.”

So we would like to thank all the students and the teachers, and we ask Allaah to accept it from us all and allow us to implement everything that we have learnt. Ibn Masood said: “True knowledge is not measured in relationship to how much you memorize and then narrate, but rather, true knowledge is an expression of piety. Study and act upon what you learn.” [Related by Abu Na`eem]

Islam 102 Dawrah! Aug 8th – 18th 2016 – London

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Islam 102 Dawrah

8th August 2016 – 18th August 2016 – Masjid al-Humera, East London
This unique knowledge course has been inspired by the world renowned dawrahs that are currently held in Masjid Nabawi in the city of Madeenah and there is currently nothing like it in the UK. The organised structure allows students to benefit from each subject individually as standalone courses in their own right. In the field of Aqeedah, we will be learning principles pertaining to the Names and Attributes of Allaah in addition to learning their respective meanings. For Hadeeth studies, students will take a detailed journey through the authentic narrations of the Messenger of Allaah (salAllaahu alayhi wa salam) from the famous 40 ahadeeth of Imam Nawawi. We will also take a detailed look into the science of Hadeeth. In the field of tarbeeyah, we will take an in depth study of the lessons derived from the story of Musa and Khidr in Surah Kahf.

Come and join us in the company of Angels and continue your good deeds after Ramadan! The dawrah will take place from the 8th of August until the 18th of August 2016 everyday (except Friday 12th August) between 2pm – 5pm at Masjid al-Humera, London, UK.


Phrases in Prayer

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Istawoo? Tarasoo? You ever heard the Imam saying this before the prayer and just been like 👀

With Ramadaan now in full flow and taraweeh prayers everyday, you will be hearing these statements a lot more often. Statements of the Imam before commencing Salah.

Now you can stop standing there looking confused before the prayer. May Allaah accept our siyaam, qiyaam and ibaadah in the blessed month of Ramadaan.



The Scholars – What an honour

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What an honour. Imagine being blessed enough to teach the religion of Allaah directly in front of the house of Allaah.

It is also a great honour to be able to study and sit at the feet of the scholars and learn the religion in the traditional sense like those who came before from the salaf and the great imams of the past. There is a “Talab al Ilm” culture that I have experienced in Madeenah that is lacking in the West. Islamic knowledge here (even amongst the ‘non practicing’) is sacred, respected and sought after.

Before I came to Madeenah University, I studied what I could of Islamic sciences with graduates of Madeenah and other students of knowledge, but having now been giving an opportunity to study directly under the scholars and with all due respect to the former – the difference between a da’ee/student of knowledge and a scholar is like the difference between the Heavens and the Earth.

As exam period begins for the students of Madeenah University, lessons like these are put on hold to give students a chance to prepare and concentrate on exams. May Allaah grant success to all the students.

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