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Essentials of Dawah

Essentials of Dawah
The da’wah techniques suggested in this presentation are based on the Qur’an and Sunnah. By this virtue alone, this lecture is a gold mine for anyone who takes the duty of giving da’wah seriously. One technique described by the speaker is to use fear and hope. Fear and hope is a theme used consistently throughout the Qur’an. In order to properly understand what is meant by fear and hope, however, one would have to listen to this lecture to gain more insight.


We all feel regret, but did you know that regret is the first step towards salvation and forgiveness from Allah? Some may feel compelled to the depths of despair, but Allah has given us this great bounty of feeling regret after committing sin, thus causing us to turn to him and seek his forgiveness. This talk is both valuable and timeless, as practical examples of true life experiences are shared by Muhammad Al-Sharif, which illustrates that within regret we can attain true success.

21 Teaching Methods of the Prophet SAW

21 Teaching Methods of Rasululah SAW
Everyone must adopt some form of teaching technique in one way or another. Why not select the methods that were prescribed and used by the Prophet (s)? By listening to this 4 CD set you can teach others using a method that is from the Sunnah and guaranteed to work.
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Under the Shade of Scrolls

Under the Shade of Scrolls
He discussed what Imam Ash-Shafi'ee went through to get the proof for his opinion, by praying all night and reciting the Qur'an for three days searching for the proof. In this process of combining out proofs, Imam Ash-Shafi'ee focused on understanding Allah's words, not just finishing the recitation of the Qur'an. Muhammad Alshareef emphasizes Imam Ash-Shafi'ee's confidence and honesty in spreading the knowledge to his students and to his society in general. He made many reforms, and as a student, he had a brilliant mind. At one point, he reached a level of popularity like those of the kings. And, his legacy lives on until today. Imam Ahmad Muhammad Alshareef gives us insight of the life of Imam Ahmad from his childhood, raised by a single mother in Baghdad, to adulthood. His mother's strong character had a massive influence over his life as she used to go through great lengths to take him to gatherings of knowledge. At a time when everyone was seeking dunya, Imam Ahmad was raised to seek the knowledge of Islam. Imam Ahmad would work odd jobs to sustain his efforts to seek knowledge. When other students rode to their classes, he walked, and sometimes worked carrying luggage for people. He later developed a strong bond with Imam Shafi'ee, and from east to west, he traveled to compile hadith. It is through this sincerity, that he became a marvel in the annals of Islam. In his famous quote, he said, "There was not a single hadith except that I tried my best to practice it.
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Imam Shafi' [RH]
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Imam Hanbal [RH]
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And the Winner Is?

And the Winner is?
In a heated debate between the Roman king Heraqle and Abu Sufyan, Heraqle asked Abu Sufyan who was following Muhammad. Was it the weak of society or the eminent?.." And the Winner Is? Excerpt: "In Surah Ghaafir, we read: [Indeed, we will grant victory to Our Messengers and those who believe in this life of the world.

Accidental Reflections

Accidental Reflections
"What is the hukm of studying Islam? Is it Fard, is it Makrooh, is it Haram? Let the Prophet - sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam - give us all the answer: "Seeking knowledge is Fard (Compulsory, not an option) upon every single Muslim.."

Go back and Pray!

Return and Pray
"During the night, Abu Lu’lu’ Al Majoosi hid in the shadows in preparation for the Fajr Salah where he would execute his satanic mission: to Murder the Ameer of the Believers: Umar ibn Al-Khattab - Radi Allahu Anhu. Umar would lead the Fajr with a long surah, giving time for the community to join the congregation. As he led that Salah, Abu Lu’lu advanced from a dim pillar, a poisoned dagger hidden in his sleeve. He jumped in front of Umar Radi Allahu Anhu and tore open his stomach with the dagger."

12 Dua Immortalized in the Quran

12 Dua's immortalized in the Quran
This CD Contains the following 2 Khutbahs: 12 Dua Immortalized in the Qur'an. This khutbah is especially appealing since not very many people are familiar with the supplications of Prophets other than those of Prophet Muhammad (s). The sheikh explores the supplications of other Prophets and the circumstances they were in when they said each one. This gives the listener an in-depth understanding of the nature of each supplication and how it can be related to our own circumstances. By this, we can utilize the words of the Qur'an and the speech of the Prophets.

In the Middle of the Night

In the Middle of the Night
The sleeping habits of Allah's Messenger, sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam

Clearing the Fog

Clearing the Fog
In the world of Islamic da’wah, many methods have been constructed and implemented. Many preconceived notions of how da’wah is to be done have been enforced. Muhammad AlShareef dispels many misconceptions about the tactics of da’wah and replaces these notions with what is truly effective.

Written in Stone

Written in Stone
Tips on memorizing the Quran

Eman Rush

Eman the Verb
Eman. The Verb. In this lecture, Muhammad Alshareef talks about the common pitfall of taking our Eman for granted. He encourages us to realize that if we do not have an aim in this life to reach Jannah, then by default, by the passing of time we will indeed be of the losers. It is only when we realize our purpose in this life will we attain high Eman, manifesting itself through our actions

Ilm : Gotta Have it

How to be a Outstanding Husband and Wife


How to be an Outstanding Husband
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How to be an Outstanding Wife
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When Wolves Become Sheperds

When Wolves Becomes Sheperds
When Wolves Become Shepherds: Devils Dawah Strategies for the Fall of Mankind. In this audio lecture, Sheikh Muhammad AlShareef gives a detailed analysis of the Shaytan's plot to lead humanity astray and ultimately land them in Hellfire. The content of the lecture is easily understood by the listener, as the Shaytan's plot is broken down into a series of levels. These levels categorize information concisely, and give the listener the opportunity to classify themselves as a member of a certain level. Discovering that one falls into a certain category allows the listener to diagnose his or her shortcomings and then find a suitable solution, insha'Allah.
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The Last Supper [ life of Eesa AS]

The Last Supper
The Last Supper In his farewell lecture at Darussalaam, College Park, MD, Muhammad AlShareef expounds on the lessons we learn from the life of Prophet Eesa (as). He begins with the story of Maryam, her virtues, the virgin birth as well as the trials she faced. Prophet Eesa’s compelling connection to us as the Ummah of Muhammad (saws) is discussed, as well as his virtue of patience, wisdom, humility and the gratefulness to Allah (swt). Muhammad Alshareef takes this opportunity to remind us that for every obstacle we face, we must remember lessons from the life of the prophets and see these obstacles as way to grow stronger in working for the sake of Allah.
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Spear of the Devil

Spear of the Devil
Spear of the Devil Muhammad Alshareef addresses the topic of being thankful to Allah for the guidance He has given us. He mentions that for those of us who are not thankful to Allah, a veil is put upon us, swallowed by disobedience. The blessings which Allah has given us such as our senses, if used in disobedience to Allah, become the spear of the devil instead of a protection.
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Struggling to Submit

Struggling to Submit
Struggling to Submit or Struggling to Surrender to Allah merely by the title describes the theme of this lecture. What are the causes of not taking heed to Allah’s commandments? This presentation answers this question and its purpose is meant to spark thoughts and energies in regards to sincerely applying the revelation and fully surrendering to Allah.

Lazy Boy

Lazy Boy
Lazy Boy In this khutbah, Muhammad Alshareef discusses the topic of procrastination as a disease. This is such an important topic that scholars have written chapters on seeking Allah’s protection from this. It is a disease that first afflicts the mind, then the heart, and finally the body, as it moves on to negatively affecting our worship of Allah.

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