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The Trials of Cairo Traffic

There are certain things that I’ll simply never get used to no matter how long I stay in Egypt: the inefficiency; the poor customer service; and, especially, the [anything that has to do with four wheels and a motor]. When I was in college, some of my Southern friends would occasionally comment on how crazy the drivers [...]

Living in Egypt – Apartments

Typical Apartment Prices The following are typical rent prices that students in Cairo pay.  The prices vary based on the location, size, and quality of the apartment. Prices are higher for short-term contracts, and are 1.5 to 2 times as much in the summer months.  The prices listed below are for a one year contract. [...]

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Egypt [Misr]

Well…Egypt eh. Known as the land of the Quran and also known to be the home of Musa [alayhi salam] and the firawn. Once you get here, first tihng you’ll probably notice is the dust. The flight is only a few hours from anywhere in the West and the actual airport is about 30 mins [...]

Yawmul Jumu3ah

The Jumuah salah in an arab country is nothing like the ones in the western country. Well ok obviously theyre the same in temrs of following the sunnah of the messenger of Allah [salAllahu alyhi wa salam] in the fiqh issues but the feeling just isnt the same. Over in the west some khutbahs give [...]

Hungers / Egyptian Munch

Daily diet for the average talib is as follows: Breakfast [fatoor]: Sometimes miss it or bread/crossaint with tea, bread or make whatever you want. Lunch [ghadd’a]: Keebab or some sort of chicken in a sandwich [if you’re feeling cheap, have rice with beans] Dinner[asha’a]: Order takeaway, anything from Pizza Hut to Pasta. They have a [...]

Trips and Leisure

bla bla bla Mount Sinaai Cairo Zoo Pyramids Horse Riding Quad Biking al Azhar Salahudeen Fortress Scuba diving?

Institutions for Arabic in Egypt

Here is a list of the main arabic institutations to learn arabic. When you go Egypt you have 2 choices, you can either go private or go to public. Private is one on one with a teacher. This has the benefit of going at your own pace and being able to constantly communicate in arabic [...]

Its all good, but how much?

Or bikam as you will hear many a times if you go. Heres a rough price guide to how much you would need. This is all done on a monthly basis as people go for different durations at a time, so you’re gonna have to get out the old calculator and times the amount by [...]