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Dhikrullah’s Guide to Egypt

All Praise is due to Allah [aza wajal] and may the peace and blessing of Allah [aza wajal] be upon his final messenger, Mohammed [salAllahu alayhi wa salam] Asalaamuala a3la man itba3a al huda, peace be upon those who seek guidance.You’re probably here cos you’re either looking to go Egypt to study the deen of [...]


A Question and Answer session with nobody. inshaAllah this will be completed soon. Q: I want to go Egypt, help me? A: OK Q: I’ve decided I want to go, what now? A: First you wanna purify your intention that you are doing it purely for the sake of Allah. Then if you are a [...]

Beep Beep

subhan’Allah, the drving in Egypt, one word sums is up ; chaos. From the cars to the roads to the drivers, everything is just backwards. Obviously no one has passed their driving test so all you gotta do is get hold of 4 wheels and a engine and your read to drive. I’ve seen 12 [...]