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Dhikrullah’s Guide to Egypt

All Praise is due to Allah [aza wajal] and may the peace and blessing of Allah [aza wajal] be upon his final messenger, Mohammed [salAllahu alayhi wa salam] Asalaamuala a3la man itba3a al huda, peace be upon those who seek guidance.You’re probably here cos you’re either looking to go Egypt to study the deen of [...]

The Importance of Arabic

If Arabic is a sea, then the Qur’an is the most precious treasures, jewels, pearls and gems that can be found in the sea. But reaching these treasures requires a diver skilled in deep thought and contemplation. One of the prerequisites for a diver to reach this level of skill, is a knowledge and understanding [...]

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Before you leave..

The Messenger of Allah [salAllahu alyhi wa salam] said: Put your trust in Allah and then tie your camel [tirmidhi] Before you begin your journey into the depths of Egypt in your pursuit of the arabic language, heres a short checklist of the things you might want to take with you: Purify your intention fo [...]

Egypt [Misr]

Well…Egypt eh. Known as the land of the Quran and also known to be the home of Musa [alayhi salam] and the firawn. Once you get here, first tihng you’ll probably notice is the dust. The flight is only a few hours from anywhere in the West and the actual airport is about 30 mins [...]

Bayna Yadayk

If you go to the fajr centre or even do private, In Egypt most likely you will be learning from “al lugha al arabiyah bayna yadayk”..arabic between your hands. jazahumAllahu khayr to kalamullah. Al-Arabiyatu Bayna Yadayk This series is designed for the non-Arab speaking, senior level student. With a collection of audiotapes and MP3 CD [...]

Yawmul Jumu3ah

The Jumuah salah in an arab country is nothing like the ones in the western country. Well ok obviously theyre the same in temrs of following the sunnah of the messenger of Allah [salAllahu alyhi wa salam] in the fiqh issues but the feeling just isnt the same. Over in the west some khutbahs give [...]


A Question and Answer session with nobody. inshaAllah this will be completed soon. Q: I want to go Egypt, help me? A: OK Q: I’ve decided I want to go, what now? A: First you wanna purify your intention that you are doing it purely for the sake of Allah. Then if you are a [...]

Beep Beep

subhan’Allah, the drving in Egypt, one word sums is up ; chaos. From the cars to the roads to the drivers, everything is just backwards. Obviously no one has passed their driving test so all you gotta do is get hold of 4 wheels and a engine and your read to drive. I’ve seen 12 [...]

Hungers / Egyptian Munch

Daily diet for the average talib is as follows: Breakfast [fatoor]: Sometimes miss it or bread/crossaint with tea, bread or make whatever you want. Lunch [ghadd’a]: Keebab or some sort of chicken in a sandwich [if you’re feeling cheap, have rice with beans] Dinner[asha’a]: Order takeaway, anything from Pizza Hut to Pasta. They have a [...]