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Trips and Leisure

bla bla bla Mount Sinaai Cairo Zoo Pyramids Horse Riding Quad Biking al Azhar Salahudeen Fortress Scuba diving?

Swallow more than your Pride

taken from [jazahAllahu khayr]: al-Salāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāh, It has been narrated that a major scholar of the past [1] used to try and fault the Qur’an by searching for flaws in its language. His attempts and studies lasted months, during which time a group of men would frequent his house and ask him [...]

A Review of Fajr Centre

Having personally not studied in Fajr but know brothers who do, I didnt really want to write a review of it. Obviously. So heres a review from a sister who is currently studying there, its pretty comprehensive tabarakAllah wa jazahaAllahu khayr to her. Oh yea, this is obviously from a sisters point of view which [...]

Institutions for Arabic in Egypt

Here is a list of the main arabic institutations to learn arabic. When you go Egypt you have 2 choices, you can either go private or go to public. Private is one on one with a teacher. This has the benefit of going at your own pace and being able to constantly communicate in arabic [...]

Photos of Egypt

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Its all good, but how much?

Or bikam as you will hear many a times if you go. Heres a rough price guide to how much you would need. This is all done on a monthly basis as people go for different durations at a time, so you’re gonna have to get out the old calculator and times the amount by [...]