Its all good, but how much?

Or bikam as you will hear many a times if you go. Heres a rough price guide to how much you would need. This is all done on a monthly basis as people go for different durations at a time, so you’re gonna have to get out the old calculator and times the amount by months you go, maash.


This varies place to place but most likely you will be living in madinah nasr which is in Cairo. You gotta choose whether to want to live as a modest student with students or live it out like a pharoah. If living with students, you will be sharing the price but if living like a pharoah, obviously the cost of the whole apartment will be on your head. Unless there are 2 pharoahs.

Student accomodation: £60 each between 3 people for a 3 bedroom flat with toilet, bathroom kitchen and living room.

Pharoah accomadation: £300 for a apartment with bathroom, living room and kitchen

Arabic Tuition

Fajr centre is probably the best in terms of value for money. £42 per level for around 3 hours a day for 3 months.

Private you’re looking about £2 a day, if you do 2 hours a day = £10 a week = £40 a month.


cheap as chips, even cheaper. Probably.

Depending on whether you go to a posh resutrant or not, average meal is about £2 non restuarant. Actually cheaper I cant remember exact prices but a keebab was 8junea which is about £1.


Within the country, everyoe gets everywhere by taxi. Prices obviously depend on where you are going but never take the first price and also if you dont know arabic, at least act like you do. It helps if you go with someone who can say “ur aving a laugh geez” in arabic once the taxi driver has told you his first price

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