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subhan’Allah, the drving in Egypt, one word sums is up ; chaos. From the cars to the roads to the drivers, everything is just backwards. Obviously no one has passed their driving test so all you gotta do is get hold of 4 wheels and a engine and your read to drive. I’ve seen 12 year olds drive around over here and the women, subhana’Allah, its like they want to kill you.

I dont get their thinking, when they want to reverse out of their parking, they look and ONLY reverse when they see a car is coming *crazy emoticon* and over here, when they flash their lights, instead of meaning “you can go” like in UK, it means “move out the way, im coming full speed no matter what”. I experienced the madness from the first day I came and took the taxi to my ends. The guy had no side mirrors only a massive rear mirror, obv his lights werent working [and this was at night] and his speed thing wasnt either but all thats standard in an egyptian car. And every single taxi driver here loves up their neon lights, its like the one with the most neons wins some prize or sometihng

The cars here are very varied, you get some real class ones like the Porsche Cheyyene and BMW 5 series but 80% of the cars are bangers, they put the car I bought for £20 back in UK to shame. I think it will be fun to drive in this country though, no speed limit, no cameras, no traffic lights, no rules. It would be like joy riding but legal. If I was staying longer I would def buy a car, wouldnt ever ride a bike like I do in UK, probably get run over 10 times a day. Oh yea and for pedestrians here, you got a 50/50 chance of surviving when crossing the road, especially as some cars brakes barely work..

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