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Dhikrullah’s Guide to Egypt

All Praise is due to Allah [aza wajal] and may the peace and blessing of Allah [aza wajal] be upon his final messenger, Mohammed [salAllahu alayhi wa salam] Asalaamuala a3la man itba3a al huda, peace be upon those who seek guidance.You’re probably here cos you’re either looking to go Egypt to study the deen of [...]

Bayna Yadayk

If you go to the fajr centre or even do private, In Egypt most likely you will be learning from “al lugha al arabiyah bayna yadayk”..arabic between your hands. jazahumAllahu khayr to kalamullah. Al-Arabiyatu Bayna Yadayk This series is designed for the non-Arab speaking, senior level student. With a collection of audiotapes and MP3 CD [...]

Swallow more than your Pride

taken from [jazahAllahu khayr]: al-Salāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāh, It has been narrated that a major scholar of the past [1] used to try and fault the Qur’an by searching for flaws in its language. His attempts and studies lasted months, during which time a group of men would frequent his house and ask him [...]

A Review of Fajr Centre

Having personally not studied in Fajr but know brothers who do, I didnt really want to write a review of it. Obviously. So heres a review from a sister who is currently studying there, its pretty comprehensive tabarakAllah wa jazahaAllahu khayr to her. Oh yea, this is obviously from a sisters point of view which [...]