The Book of Knowledge

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knowledge book

Author: Imam Nas’iee | Pages: 36 | Size: 1.2 MB | Format: PDF

This is the first book in the ‘Classical Knowledge Series’ – a collection of selected scholarly works from the past that deal with the subject of religious knowledge. This particular book is a translation of the famous classical work “Kitaab-ul-’Ilm”, a collection of narrations about the virtues, merits, manners, and etiquettes of knowledge, written by Imaam Abu Khaithama An-Nasaa’ee (Died 234H). In this initial instalment, the reader will have a glimpse into the statements and actions of our pious predecessors with regard to seeking, spreading and implementing knowledge. There are over 160 narrations in total, including statements of the Prophet, his Companions, the Taabi’een and the suceeding early generations. In addition to this, the scholar of Hadeeth of recent times, Muhammad Naasir-ud-Deen Al-Albaanee, has reviewed the treatise and verified the narrations contained within it, distinguishing the authentic from the weak. So this treatise is of great benefit and deserving of being read and studied by every Muslim, whether in gatherings or individually.

In Pursuit of Allah's Pleasure

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Authors: Various | Size: 1MB | Pages: 147 | Format: PDF

In this book the authors outlined a complete methodology for Islamic work in this day. From Aqeedah to Dawah to Jihad to Khilafah and Taqwa to Sabr, they have explained how all of these parts come together for the sole objective of every Muslim to seek the pleasure of Allah.

Nukhbat al-Fikr – Science of Hadeeth

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Author: Ibn Hajr al Asqalani | Size: 1.2MB | Pages: 61 | Format: PDF

Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani. The classic work on Usool al-Hadith by the al-Hafidh Ibn Hajr al-Asqalani. An essential title for anyone serisously interested in learning about Hadith, their chains of tranmission, narrators, and classfications.

Tafsir ibn Kathir

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Author: Ibn Kathir | Size: 32MB | Volumes: 10 | Format: PDF

The Qur’an is the revelation of Allah’s Own Words for the guidance of His creatures. Since the Qur’an is the primary source of Islamic teachings, the correct understanding for the Qur’an is necessary for every Muslim. The Tafsir of Ibn Kathir is among the most renowned and accepted explanation of the Qur’an in the entire world. In it one finds the best presentation of Hadiths, history, and scholarly commentary.

The Excellence of Knowledge

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Author: Ibn Rajab al Hanbali | Size: 4.4MB | Pages: 88 | Format: PDF

These are some brief words about the meaning of knowledge and its classification into that which is beneficial and that which is not; as well as a note regarding the excellence of the knowledge of the Salaf over that of the Khalaf. The way and wisdom of the Salaf, all goodness lies in traversing the way of the Salaf, beneficial Knowledge with regards the ‘Inner Sciences’, the foundation of knowledge and many other branches of the beneficial knowledge. Knowledge

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Bismillah walhamdulilah wa salatu wa salah a3la rasulilah

Allah [subhanahu wa ta3la] says in Surah Zumur ayah 9 :

هَلْ يَسْتَوِي الَّذِينَ يَعْلَمُونَ وَالَّذِينَ لَا يَعْلَمُونَ

“Are those equal, those who know and those who do not know?”

Books and articles are constantly being updated . jazakAllahu khayr for your sabr.

The Noble Quran Transliteration

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We like to emphasize that this text is not a substitute for the original Arabic Holy Quran. It is only an attempt to help those who are trying to learn to read the Arabic text, since it is as close to the written text as possible. It is important to practice pronouncing the letters as directed in the transliteration table, especially the underlined letters, before starting to read. It will be helpful if an Arabic speaker can help you or even listening to the Qur’an recitation in the Arabic Language. This work is free for use to everyone as long as no changes that might distort it are done to it. we request from those who benefit from it to pray for us. We pray to Almighty Allah to help you learn to read the Holy Quran, and to do every good thing.

Sixteen Pieces of Advice for Exams

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Author: Shaykh Mukhtar Shinqitee | Pages: 24 | Size: 1 MB | Format: PDF

Sixteen Pieces of Advice for Exams taken from multiple answers by Dr Shaykh Muhammed al-Mukhtar Ash- Shinqiti. Knowledge is not acquired for this world, rather it is acquired seeking the face of Allah, so the person should seek the face of Allah with sincerity. He should make whatever he obtains from the bounties of this world secondary and not his ultimate goal

The Goodly Word

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knowledge book

Author: ibn Taymiyyah | Pages: 371 | Size: 5.9mb | Format: PDF

The Goodly Word is one of the most referred to works on prayer and the merits of prayer. Exclusively based on what the Prophet Muhammad himself said and did, this work includes prayers for every moment of the Muslims life. The Goodly Word is here presented in a bi-lingual edition so that the exact prayers of the Prophet can be read in the original Arabic. The translation is by two distinguished scholars who have also translated An-Nawawi’s Forty Hadith and Forty Hadith Qudsi both published by the Islamic Texts Society.

Dajjal: The False Messiah

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knowledge book

Author: ibn Kathir | Pages: 51 | Size: 24mb | Format: PDF

The Prophet not only warned his Ummah against Dajjal; the false Messiah, but stated in detail his colour, height, width, eye-shape, inscriptions on his forehead, his seductions, his method of aberrance, how to escape from his temptations, his current location, and so on. All the details about Dajjal are here in this book.

Youth’s Problems

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knowledge book

Author: ibn al-Uthaymeen | Pages: 57 | Size: 977kb | Format: PDF

In this unique and lucid booklet and revered contemporary scholar, Shaykh Muhammad al-’uthamyeen addresses some of the ideological and sociological challenges faced by modern youth. Starting with an astute description of the state of contemporary young adults, he outlines major issues hindering their progress on the straight path of Islam. He not only covers current issues such as joblessness, estrangement between the young and their elders, and keeping good company but also discusses subjects predestination and the limits Islam places on individuals. In all instances al-’uthamyeen draws on the Quran and the authentic Sunnah to offer tangible solutions and to inspire the hearts of young people. The simplicity and straight forwardness of this work make even complicated issues easy to grasp. The wise advice the author offers is not only well presented but practical and compassionate. This book will benefit not only the young of the society but their parents and educators as well.

The Path to Guidance

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knowledge book

Author: ibn Qayyim al Jawziyyah | Pages: 78 | Size: 436kb | Format: PDF

Get up and hurry in servitude to Allah and being with Him in the Home of Peace, without any tiredness, hardship or fatigue but by the nearest and easiest of paths. And this is by realising that you are in a time between two times which is what constitutes your life, and this the present time which is between what has passed and what is yet to come. Then that which has passed you can correct by repentance, remorse and seeking forgiveness. This is something in which there will be no tiredness, fatigue or any straining efforts required on your behalf. It is nothing but the action of the heart..


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knowledge book

Author: ibn Qayyim al Jawziyyah | Pages: 372 | Size: 12 MB | Format: PDF

This book, AI-Fawaid: A Collection of Wise Sayings is one of the well-known compilations of Imam Shams Ad-Dm Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah, who is well known by the name Ibn Al-Qayyim (may Allah have mercy upon him). This blessed book is not like others that simply contain sections, chapters and themes, but it consists of the elevated thoughts that Allah, Exalted be He, bestows upon some of His servants as He wills. So whenever any of these scattered pearls of wisdom occurred to the Imam, he would immediately record them. I am sure that he did not sit down and write this book in one or two weeks, but surely it was developed over a long period of time. Whenever something came to his mind, he would record it, and whenever he learnt a lesson or anything crucial in his life, he would illuminate the lines of his page with the ink of his pen.

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