April 11th, 2008

Qiff. For now.

The Dhikrullah Yemen blog has been put on hold for about a month or so until further notice cos I got exams and a few other things and this is a bit lower in the priority list. Once it has been “reopened”, it will be announced on the Dhikrullah main page inshaAllah. So that would explain lack of updates, apologies in advance. Also Im thinking maybe doing a student guide of Egypt too but thats after this is done, so ya.

April 2nd, 2008

Getting around Yemen

Ya know what, I was thinking, instead of making it Yemen specific, maybe I shoulda done a general blog on Muslim countries and hijrah in general as that would be more beneficial. Or said Egypt, Yemen and Saudia or something. Ah well, might do that in the future. Oh yea and the pics of Yemen are always being updated on that pic bit up there, like every few days so might wanna check it to get a visual experience

So getting around Yemen is actually much harder than it is in Egypt or Saudia. Yemenis speak arabic obviously and they have a dialect which is much closer to fusha [Quranic classical arabic] than say Egypt. Dont know about Saudi because didn’t speak arabic back then but I heard Yemen and Syria are closest as it is. The Yemenis generally dont tend to speak english as good as the other countries so you pretty much have to know arabic to get around. My arabic isnt the best as it is due to my situation in Egypt but alhamdulilah , so I had a bit of trouble so going on your own and not knowing anyone is not recommended.

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March 29th, 2008

Im a Muslim! Get me out of here

Some of the benefits of living in a Muslim country

Allah [subhanahu wata3la] says in Sura Nisaa, verse 100:

He who emigrates (from his home) in the Cause of Allah, will find on earth many dwelling places and plenty to live by. And whosoever leaves his home as an emigrant unto Allah and His Messenger, and death overtakes him, his reward is then surely incumbent upon Allah. And Allah is Ever Oft Forgiving, Most Merciful

And Allah [subhanahu wa ta3la] says in Surah Baqarah, verse 58:

“And those who migrate in the way of Allah and are then slain or die, Allah will most certainly provide them with a goodly sustenance. And verily Allah is the best of Providers”

Without wanting to go into the benefits of hijrah as there are many classical works on this by the ulema on the issue, here are just a few things that a Muslims in the west miss out on. Me being living in the west noticing when living the Muslim countries. Anyways, heres my views, the views of a “teenager”, well at least someone a little younger than the usual. Usually I noticed the people that make hijrah are a little older and when they tend once they have families/are married etc.

Many people may argue theres no such thing as a Muslim country these days bla bla, yes while that may be true and the true sharia may not be established fi ardAllah yet, there is not doubt that living amongst the Muslims in a majority muslim country is better for ones deen in general than living in a non muslim country.

Most of these observations were made in Egypt rather than Yemen as more time was spent there but these are common occurances in the Muslim lands from Malaysia to Mali [actually, scratch that, not sure if thats Muslim]

The Muslim Community
One of the most obvious benefits of living in a Muslim country is living amongst the Muslims as a majority. That means you can follow the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah [salAllahu alayhi wa salam] and you can wear the niqaab without getting looks, you can wear a thawb and tupee without people being scared. Also despite the differences in the sects etc, ultimately you can be safe in the knowledge that everyone is in a a way united upon tawheed, everyone knows that Allah is the creator of the heavens of the earth and everyone prays to him [some may be praying to other stuff on the side] but its still nice knowing that everyone at the very least acknowledges Allah rather than in the west where people are lost like cattle and some think he doesnt exist or something else is Allah [glory be to Allah, above that which they associate with him].

Related to the community is the whole fact everyone celebrates the celebration of the Muslims; the Eidayn. You are respected for the fact that you are Muslim, regardless of your background or your race.

The Prayers
Being in a Muslim country it is that much easier to pray your 5 prayers on time. Obviously living in the west, there is still no excuse but many people find it hard for various reasons. In a Muslim country, everyone goes to pray, you will see big congregations going to the masaajid. The fajr salah is easier to wake up for as the adhaan is better than any alarm clock ever invented.

Allah SWT says in Surah Baqarah, verse 238: Guard strictly (five obligatory) the prayers, especially the middle Salat . And stand before Allah with obedience.

The Adhaan
One thing we really really miss in UK is the adhan, the 5 times call to prayer. You get it in East London for some salaats but just the feeling you get when you are awoken by the adhan for fajr is amazing subhan’Allah. And this is standard in any muslim country. Sometimes you may feel you are so caught up in the dunya that you may delay your salah slightly but in a Muslim country you are constantly reminded by the adhaan which plays. In Egypt particuarly, there are masaajid every few metres so if you somehow go death for 5 mins, instantly theres a few more reminders which follow up to remind you to pray salah.

Obviously another advantaage is pretty much 100% of the food is halaal and you dont even have to ask in most cases. That means you see anything that you like, you go in and munch.

Emaan Boost
I found when I was in Yemen, just being in the country, even when doing nothing..that would give me a emaan boost subhanAllah. The fact you are around Muslims and you just walking on the street and blasting from someones bedroom up above the shop if the sweet recitation of the glorious Quran. I found that in the arab countries, Ali al Ajmy and Meshary Rasheed Efaasy were the two favourites.

Probably one of the main reasons married couples/families make hijrah are for the benefit of the children. Everyone whos been born and raised in the west knows what the western society is like and very few would like their children to go through the same experiecnce and upbringing. Being in a Muslim country, well an arab country at least means your children will naturally pick up the language of the Quraan; arabic. Even though there are many dialects and very few are close to the pure fusha, going to a Muslim school, fusha is taught as standard. Also, the children will be brought up alongside Muslims who believe in Allah and the last day. They wont have these doubts as to the religion as everyone is a Muslim.

Not saying the children in Muslim countries are perfect, far from it. The sad reality being many of the nowadays face the same problems faced in the west, however the key being they at least have the western problems plus the benefits of the arabic language and emaan in their heart whereas the west just has the problems.

March 26th, 2008

First thoughts of Yemen

So after a few hours on the plane we landed in Dubai airport where we had to switch and the airport which is like modern to the max. I really wanted to go and gerrout of the airport to go to sharjah which is apparently the Islamic capital of UAE and also main reason I wanted to visit Salah Bukhatir and pray behind him but ah well qadr.

After being exposed to the luxury of dubai airport in all its high techness and westernisation, landing in Sanaa airport was a bit of a drastic change. The airport is more like a military base, it had old war planes and dont even think you can call that a runway, more like a piece of tarmac on the ground. And the airport was just a big shelter thing. Exactly like the airports you get in sub indian continent except arab version.

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March 24th, 2008


Or should I say premen [lol..ok its not funny but I really like using these brackets] So pre Yemen, alhamdulilah I had just come back from a few months spent in al Misr, Egypt. So I had had a taste of a “Muslim” country and how it felt to live in one. And without going too much into Egypt [might write something seperate for that, well I already have but I decided to take it down]..at the time I really enjoyed Egypt and the benefits of living in a muslim populated land after having lived in the kuffaar west for pretty much all my life, the benefits of which I’ll go into in a later post insha’Allah ta3la.

My only other experience of a Muslim land is probably what many people have experienced, which is al Arabia. Most people go there for either Hajj or Umrah and no doubt it is simply like the best thing ever and everyone loves it and stuff, however, its not living. You get to experince it partially and get to hear the beauty of the adhaan being called 5 times a day and the halal environment etc. but its like temp housing for the akhirah before you get sucked back into the dunya.

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March 22nd, 2008

The Blessings of Yemen

Allah Most High has blessed and honoured the lands of Yemen and given it a unique status that no other place (besides the two sacred cities of Makkah and Madina) enjoys. There are many virtues mentioned in the various narrations (ahadeeth) regarding Yemen and the people residing there. This land has also been the abode of many Prophets (peace be upon them all), Companions (sahaba), scholars and pious servants of Allah (Allah be pleased with them all). Of the many narrations wherein the virtues of Yemen and its inhabitants have been mentioned, some are reproduced below:

1) Imam al-Bukharee relates from Abu Mas’ud that the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) gestured with his hands towards Yemen and said: “Belief (iman) is there….” (Sahih al-Bukharee, no: 4126 & Sahih Muslim, no: 81)

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March 22nd, 2008

10 days in the Blessed Yemen

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Kind. All Praise is due to Allah [subhanahu wata3la] and may the peace of blessings of Allah [subhanahu wa ta3la] be upon his Messenger [salAllahu alayhi wa salam]

Whats this blog about, Im not even sure lol. But something like about Yemen [well duh]. Alhamdulilah I was blessed with the opportunity to go there aswell as Egypt during my gap year. Anyways, the reason for this is to give an insight on the blessed lands of al Yemen. Theres not actually much on the internet about this country, oddly. Yemen is one of the few countries mentioned and praised specifically by the messenger of Allah [salAllahu alayhi wa salam]. Yemen is absolutely beautiful, and I’m gonna go on about it but before you think this is nationalism or bias, thought its important to point out that I’m not even arab.

So this is more like kinda my experience in the 10 days or so I spent there. But I hope this will be of benefit somehow. If I was to sum up Yemen and my experience of it in one word..it would be.. “Sunnah”. Yemen is the epitomy [I don't know what that means] of the Sunnah of the messenger of Allah [salaAllahu alayhi wa salam]. The country actually made me think of Surah Noor. Its Surah Noor summed up. Surah Noor is all about the Muslim society and how it should be. Yemen reminded me of just a slight teeny insight of how life must have been back at the time of the sahaba [radiAllahu anhum ajma3een]

Yemen is the land where many of the anbiya originate from. Nuh, Salih, Hud [alayhum salam] etc. and is also the place where Aad and Thamud are from, they’ve still got the areas marked and many of the sahaba aswell as the anbiya are buried there.

Allah [SWT] says in Surah Ghaafir, verse 82: Have they not travelled through the earth and seen what was the end of those before them? They were more numerous than them and mightier in strength, and in the traces (they have left behind them) in the land, yet all that they used to earn availed them not.

Its not like a personal diary and Im not even 100% sure where Im going with this so lets see and tawakal a3laAllah. Any good that comes from this is from Allah, any mistakes are from myself and the whisperings of shaytaan.

The remembrance of Allah

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