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April 11th, 2008

Qiff. For now.

The Dhikrullah Yemen blog has been put on hold for about a month or so until further notice cos I got exams and a few other things and this is a bit lower in the priority list. Once it has been “reopened”, it will be announced on the Dhikrullah main page inshaAllah. So that would explain lack of updates, apologies in advance. Also Im thinking maybe doing a student guide of Egypt too but thats after this is done, so ya.

April 2nd, 2008

Getting around Yemen

Ya know what, I was thinking, instead of making it Yemen specific, maybe I shoulda done a general blog on Muslim countries and hijrah in general as that would be more beneficial. Or said Egypt, Yemen and Saudia or something. Ah well, might do that in the future. Oh yea and the pics of Yemen are always being updated on that pic bit up there, like every few days so might wanna check it to get a visual experience

So getting around Yemen is actually much harder than it is in Egypt or Saudia. Yemenis speak arabic obviously and they have a dialect which is much closer to fusha [Quranic classical arabic] than say Egypt. Dont know about Saudi because didn’t speak arabic back then but I heard Yemen and Syria are closest as it is. The Yemenis generally dont tend to speak english as good as the other countries so you pretty much have to know arabic to get around. My arabic isnt the best as it is due to my situation in Egypt but alhamdulilah , so I had a bit of trouble so going on your own and not knowing anyone is not recommended.


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