March 26th, 2008

First thoughts of Yemen

So after a few hours on the plane we landed in Dubai airport where we had to switch and the airport which is like modern to the max. I really wanted to go and gerrout of the airport to go to sharjah which is apparently the Islamic capital of UAE and also main reason I wanted to visit Salah Bukhatir and pray behind him but ah well qadr.

After being exposed to the luxury of dubai airport in all its high techness and westernisation, landing in Sanaa airport was a bit of a drastic change. The airport is more like a military base, it had old war planes and dont even think you can call that a runway, more like a piece of tarmac on the ground. And the airport was just a big shelter thing. Exactly like the airports you get in sub indian continent except arab version.

Once we were on the ground and actually in Yemen, the first thing I noticed was the love of the Sunnah amongst the sisters but I’ll go into that later maybe. So out the airport after the airline losing our luggage, nothing new there. Outside of the airport, we’re met by the scorching sun, must have been like 40 degrees or something. You can just imagine during the time of the sahaabah [radiAllahu anhum] when they made hijrah and different journeys, how difficulty it must have been. With the scorching sun burning upon them and walking across the desert. Yemen is very deserty [if thats a word], a lot of the country is undeveloped and traditional but I think thats part of the magic [not the haraam type]

As I got into the cab to my abode and got to get a nice view of the country generally. The country is clearly very poor, its officially one of the poorest countries in the world and this is very apparent. Also its extremely traditional and not much modernisation has gone on and in terms of instracture it definately hasnt been influenced greatly by the west. Except the centre of Sanaa and the other major cities, much of the country is still desert.

Also probably the most striking feature which is not a sight common in the west and as mentioned before were the sisters of Yemen and their adherence to the Sunnah of the Ummahatul Muminoon [radiAllahu anhum ajma3een]. Every single sister was covered head to toe in black full hijaab incl niqaab pretty much without exception. And coming from the west which is full of fahsha, this in itself was an emaan boost..

32 Comments to “First thoughts of Yemen”

  1. March 29th, 2008

    -Fady- Says :

    Masha Allah bro, I enjoy these entries :D

  2. March 31st, 2008

    muslim brother Says :

    I like your way of writting , it make me feel like going into adventure although I am livbing in yemen :)

  3. January 1st, 2009

    Abu who Says :

    Salah Bukhatir is not an imam in any masjid here. He’s only leads taraweehs in Ramadan as a guest Imam in one of the masjids here in Sharjah.

  4. March 10th, 2009

    Abu Mujahid Says :

    Mashallah…but how was the actual study of the arabic language was it beneficial did you study alot? also which book was it based on.

  5. May 18th, 2009

    Kamran Says :

    Assalam u Alikum Brothers, i need more information of Yemen since i plan on moving to Yemen, which websites can i visit? is there someone i can talk to?


  6. September 30th, 2009

    Bussam Says :

    I would like to make a minor correction in your blog where you state that yemen is mostly desert. I don’t know if you traveled away from Sanaa or not, but Yemen is very mountainous and that is where most of the Yemeni people live. Maybe flying over Hadramout from Dubai you noticed desert land, but don’t make Yemen sound like it is the Sahara.

  7. December 14th, 2009

    Abu Muslim Says :

    -Fady-, Muslim Brother and Abu Who : jazakumAllahu khayr

    Abu Mujahid : I didn’t get to do much studying, it was only 10 days after all. But I could tell that if you study there compare to the likes of Egypt etc. you will manage to accomplish a lot more inshaAllah due to the lifestyle and simplicity of the country.

    Bussam:I travelled out of Sanaa to a few other cities but since they were all urban, I didn’t manage to see many mountains but now you mention it there was a few mountanious areas. At the time I wrote it, all I remember is desert lol. jazakAllahu khayr for the correction though, hope you weren’t offended.

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